During January and February 2000 a group of seven of us visited the Fitz Roy area of Argentinean Patagonia with the initial aim of ascending Cerro Poincenot This is the story of our trip and I hope to include any useful information for others wishing to visit the area.

Aproaching El Chalten

Approaching El Chalten showing the typical 'graded' roads. We had ~200km's of this as we drove from Rio Gallegos up to the mountains

First real view of the mountains

Our first close view of the mountains. Just left of centre is Cerro Torra. The large peak at the right is Fitz Roy and just to its left is Poincenot, our objective.

Rio Blanco base camp

The climbers camp at Rio Blanco. We had the worst weather for over ten years as can be seen by the snow on the sign. No other climbers in the camp could remember snow this early.

The classic Patagonian climbers shelter

One of the 'huts' used by many people. The National Parks are thinking of removing these due to the fire hazard. Every bit of dead wood is so dry a small spark would cause enormous damage, and people were lighting 'open' fires inside these bonfires.

Fitz Roy and Poincenot from Lago de Los Tres

A close up from Lago De Los Tres showing Fitz Roy and Poincenot.

Sunset over the mountains.

A poor shot of what was a spectacular sunset.